Soiree 24 January 2019

Tom Nehmy

Tom is an award-winning clinical psychologist with a passion for preventing psychological problems while also enhancing resilience and wellbeing. His university research produced the world’s first prevention program to prevent the onset of symptoms of depression and anxiety while also reducing risk for eating disorders. Tom is also an accredited training supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia.

‘The Wizard of Oz’ – A Journey of Self Discovery

Nancy Inkster

Guided by her background in theosophy, Nancy will explore “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by L. Frank Baum for its symbolism and divine wisdom that underlies all the stories that touch us deeply, assisting us on our journey of self discovery.

Nancy Inkster
Samsara: a journey of the soul

A Soul Talk by Desak Yoni

Desak provides a service for women that allows them to rebuild their lives after traumatic events. This rebuilding she accomplishes through her 6 steps samsara coaching; bringing up to the surface, self-awareness and self-definition.

Spirit guides and how we can access them

Victoria Wilckens
Tori is a Neuro Physiotherapist and intuitive healer. She has a Masters degree in Physiotherapy and has studied Psychossynthesis—a mode of transpersonal counselling. Her clients have experienced the benefits of releasing negative beliefs and healing present and past life trauma.

Balancing Body and Mind

Carol Kretschmer
Carol is a physiotherapist, energy practitioner and wellness educator. Having negotiated a long journey back to health after chronic fatigue Carol is keen to share what contributed to her successful recovery. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and is gifted to give Oneness Blessings.