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Soul Talks is a charitable organisation that honours the work of health professionals who put heart and soul into their work.


Joy welcomes you to Soul Talks


“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”

– Rumi


Joy talks with Carrie Faggotter


"It was so wonderful to meet so many like-minded individuals in one spot. I came away inspired and so appreciative to you for having the creative insight to facilitate such a powerful group who all speak their truth. I have been attempting to get to them for a while." — A Soul Talks attendee


Various therapies and practices for self-healing


The focus of Soul Talks courses and forums is to provide a bridge between allopathic medicine and integrative energy medicine. The soul journey is from the outer self to the inner self.


Ego vs Soul

Me > We

Duality > Oneness

Blaming others > Self-awareness

Hostility > Loving kindness

Woundedness > Forgiveness

Darkness > Loving light

Envy > Gratefulness

Meanness > Generosity

Negative anger > Positive energy

Power & position > Humility & service

Materialism > Lasting values

Ignorance > Wisdom

War > Peace

Uncaring > Empathy

Past/future orientated > Living in the present moment

Intolerance > Tolerance

Ignorance/projection > Conscious awareness

Profit accumulation > Altruism

Self-hatred > Self-acceptance/self-love

Race intolerance > Acceptance of all races

Complexity > Simplicity

Doing > Being

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