Book: Parting the Veil

Book: Parting the Veil


In this book I share my soul’s journey and like so many people in the last phase of life I may repeat events and previous writings that I have not fully integrated into what is my truth.

“Parting the veil” is a common metaphor for the transition from life to death. When I visited the Scottish Island of Iona I was told that Scottish kings liked to be buried on the island as it was considered that the veil between worlds was the thinnest in that part of Scotland. Many religious texts and myths would have us believe that the souls of all mankind lived with God (however one perceives the unknowable cosmic energy that gives energy to life) before their birth. Going home or returning to where we came from is a common instinctual desire which is expressed in many ways. It seems to be in our DNA. Many of us when in a stressful and frightening situation turn to God in prayer or cry out for the archetypical mother. I know in my own life as a mother of four and grandmother of twelve that I receive more visits when my children and grandchildren are experiencing uncertainty. When I receive no messages from family I take it as a sign that all is well with them. I strive to let go and my daily prayer is for God to hover over them and to protect them. So often at the bedside of a person who is dying have I said to those at the bedside that to love is to let go.

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