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Forum 22 May

The Mindful Breath
Cherise Vallet
Cherise is a yoga therapist and mindfulness teacher who loves to breathe! However, she’s recognised over the past 13 years of teaching and working with individuals that the instruction to ’take a deep breath’ is only part of the story.

Mystical Storytelling - Awakening The Remembering
Lynette Cannon

Lynette is a storyteller who understands the mystical, symbolic and poetic language of soul. Her dream Weaving invites the listener to partake on a journey of integration, transformation and healing.

How the pace of life is affecting our soul
Mandy Price
Mandy is a Teacher, Counsellor, Life Coach, InterPlay Leader and Celebrant. Her personal experience with Adrenal fatigue has led her to create a business which supports people avoid adrenal burn-out. She sees that busyness has left little time for joy or spontaneity.