The Mystical Journey – making space for the Divine

Peter is a crime writing modern or urban mystic who shares insights for conscious living through his writing. He is a student of A Course in Miracles and the Way of Mastery and has been on the mystical journey for more than thirty years. Mystics need not hide in monasteries or caves in today’s era.

Peter Mulraney
How can we discern authentic messages from the soul

Janet has a BA(Hons) and is a Registered Psychologist. She specialises in wholistic approaches to Psychology. Her training is in body oriented psychotherapy and esoteric studies. Janet believes in the power of ritual for connecting to the Divine within.

Janet Schwarz
Becoming Your Own Best Friend

Toni has a B.A, Masters in Educational Leadership, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program Teacher, Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, Certification in Choice Theory/Reality Therapy/Lead Management, Teacher at Openground.

Toni Mulraney
Sacred Geometry- The architecture of wellness

Brett is an architect with a clear vision of what it takes to deliver a sustainable project. His 20 plus years of industry experience underpins his work - from the dynamics of people and communities to the design and construction of climate responsive energy efficient healthy buildings.

Brett Aylen
Soul-healing with hypnotherapy

Before training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in Spiritual Regression Therapy Dana reached the top of the government corporate ladder. For the last 19 years she has been helping others truly heal themselves with insights into their past lives and working at a soul level.

Dana Salerno
Symbolism is the language of Spirit

Symbolism is the language of Spirit
Anne Marie McGlasson
Anne Marie's work is a fusion of psychology and spirituality applied to every day problems. She has 30 years experience in counselling, hypnotherapy, group work, education and energy work for relieving stress, trauma and abuse.

Anne Marie McGlasson
Tai Chi & Qigong for Wholistic Health

Rosalie is a Tai Chi, Qigong & Meditation Teacher as well as a Remedial Massage Therapist. She combines her knowledge of the Chinese & Hawaiian traditions with Christian Theology and invites students to "play" Tai Chi.

Rosalie Lackie
Why Me? Or Why Not me?

Joy Makepeace
Joy is a beautiful soul and an Aboriginal Kamilaroi woman from Northern New South Wales who identifies as being a member of the Stolen Generation. In her younger years she just wanted to be wise.

Why Soul Talks?

Joy Nugent

Joy is an author of three books based on her long career as a private palliative care nurse. She is the Founder of Soul Talks Inc. and will share her own soul’s journey and the motivation for supporting the Soul Talks’ growing community.

The Mindful Breath

Cherise is a yoga therapist and mindfulness teacher who loves to breathe! However, she’s recognised over the past 13 years of teaching and working with individuals that the instruction to ’take a deep breath’ is only part of the story.

Cherise Vallet
Strong Hands, Tender in Soul - The Human Touch Project

David is the Principal therapist at Myomasters Massage. As a child he wanted to be an engineer. He didn't think that he'd fall in love with servicing the human body. David has a passion in assisting humans to recover from stress, anxiety and trauma using compassionate and nurturing touch.

David Clayton
Creating Right Human Relations With Self and Others

Rosemary Bennett
Rosemary has a Diploma in Wholistic Psychonomy. She has studied Transpersonal Counselling, Art Therapy, Body Talk, Numerology and Therapeutic Massage. These therapies encourage clients to shift awareness, raise consciousness and achieve their human potential

Rosemary Bennett