Aligning to the divine source—Life Alignment

By Stephanie Jarrett

Let us start with the premise that our soul is a divine spark—a piece of the great ‘creator’, the ‘all that is’—however you might name that or think of it. As this divine spark we are LIGHT.

We incarnate here on earth—the planet of free will, where life is hard—as Buddhists say ‘life is suffering’. We are continually bumping up against challenges and resistance, the interplay of positive and negative. (Earth is not some idealised ‘heaven’).

Our lifetimes are platforms for learning. How do we learn? Through experience. Through good experiences?  Well yes, but I’ve noticed that the bad ones teach us the biggest lessons. They take us off the connected path and they tend to dim our light—which gives us the motivation for the quest to find it again. We are the wounded hero in search of reconnection with our power.

I have practised a healing modality called ‘Life Alignment’ for several years now. Life Alignment combines elements of Kinesiology, elements of Psychotherapy, and a revolutionary magnetic technology called ‘Vortex Technology’, developed by Jeff Levin and unique to Life Alignment. This consists of potentised magnets (inside small cards or wands, and sewn into a Vortex mat) that get placed on or around the body during a session. These magnetic tools promote beneficial changes in the body’s electromagnetic field.

Using muscle testing and a pendulum and a large set of lists we read a client’s energy to find the body point which will be the gateway to transform the body’s imbalance. We do the transformation by activating the physical circuit and then accessing the story that has created the emotion (or belief) that has dimmed the life force. Using our lists of words, a story emerges usually from a time in the client’s life (or ‘past life’ or ancestral life). The words of the story trigger the conscious and subconscious memories that have created the blockage that is ready to be released. We are able to work cognitively and emotionally through the story to transform the neural pathways that were set down at that time. This is all with the assistance of the vortex technology which has a profound yet subtle effect.

It is always interesting for me to reflect on the kinds of experiences that come up in people as gateways to transformation.

School days are a big source of ‘light dimming’ for most people. The first days at a new school when one’s identity is challenged, fights with friends that made our world tumble down, interactions with teachers that put down our childlike exuberance and made us wrong, kids who were louder and hard to compete with, competitions that made us feel bad about ourselves, school yard bullies. (All good metaphors for life’s trials generally when you think about it).

Then there are experiences within the family. Many people bring up a timeframe when they were under 2 years old. These situations are very connected in to the mother’s emotional experience—the baby is still not differentiated from the mother under the age of 2 so Mum’s emotions are experienced by the child and mother’s trauma can set a child into certain fears for a lifetime. Fathers also are very significant to children and can set the flavour of adult relationships with males. Relationships in the family at any age are of course significant—as are friendships and partnerships at any age.

Many stories that come up for balancing prove to be very symbolic of the current situation. We are not usually dealing with a serious traumatic experience but our ‘guides’ in this work lead us gently to unwind our blockages easily with often quite light-hearted stories from our life—but stories that represent something bigger. Sometimes we start with a simple story but end in a fantastical world of symbols and ‘dreaming’. Other times we are deep in the lives of our ancestors, clearing grief and trauma and allowing our ancestors to finally ascend to the light relieved of their troubles and not needing us to carry them.

(Think about your ancestors. What were their troubles? (a blog for another day))

The vortex tools are used throughout the balance—you are lying on the mat which has them sewn in and in addition you have specially chosen cards placed around your body to work their magnetic magic—I say magic because although this is real magnetic science, it is not easy for us to explain exactly what is happening—one day we will have this science at our fingertips I expect. In the meantime, we feel the ‘buzzing’ of the energy, we receive waves of ‘feelings’ that change us, we feel dark energy lifting out of us as the spin cards are spun over our chakras. We emerge from the session a different person—somehow released, lighter and now connected to our divine light source.

Life Alignment uses these three techniques of activating physical body energy circuits, talking through issues and applying vortex technology for any number of quite specific purposes. That connection between the body’s electrical circuits and emotions is key and allows us to deal with anything from removing foreign energy from our field, or releasing energy ‘hooks’ into other people, to straightening the spine, to balancing allergies or food sensitivities, to immune system balancing, DNA activation, cell regeneration, to pain balancing, to hormone balancing. The list goes on and on—and the processes can be used to balance our selves or children, our relationships, our homes, our businesses. Balancing can be done in person or by Skype or at a distance (this is the nature of the human energy field).

An excellent analogy for Life Alignment is that of defusing a bomb. As we go through life, energy gets pent up in various areas. We become prone to emotional or physical ‘explosions’ and being thrown off balance with the heaviness of the load we have accumulated. Life Alignment processes and tools come in to that situation to release the pent up pressure and make life easier and healthier. This can be instantaneous or can occur quite gradually.

As we balance ourselves with Life Alignment (especially over time) we find much greater vitality, health, peace, stillness and connection with our purpose. We come into alignment with the source of our divine spark and find our radiant light.

My business is called ‘Clear Hearts Transformation’. I say ‘Clear your Heart, Free your Life, Live your Light’ because this is how I have experienced and see the process that happens when people ask for the help that Life Alignment can bring.

Frank Stillitano