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Exploring ancestral influences on our lives

  • Apt 1301 242 Flinders Street Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia (map)
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In this short workshop we will experience one or more healings of this historic energy. We will be guided to unlock aspects of our lineages that have been wounded and thus transmute those aspects to positive creativity within ourselves.

  • Our energy is imbued with the energy of our bloodline

  • The field of epigenetics tells us that inherited stress can influence gene expression

  • Grandfather’s unconscious need to dominate, or grandmother’s thwarted creativity can mani-fest in current generations

‘When we are imprinted with unconscious masculine and feminine lifetimes in our cellular body the energy of the unconscious masculine can manifest as potential mental illness. . . and the unconscious feminine energy stored in the cells of the body has a tendency to manifest as auto-immune disease.’
—Matt Kahn in ‘The gift of diversity’

Presented by Stephanie Jarrett

Stephanie is a practitioner of Life Alignment. Life Alignment’s therapeutic techniques access events in our ‘lives’ that are currently ripe for healing. These events turn out very often to be not within our own life span but in the lives of our ancestors. The negative feelings that are coming up for us are often not our own but those of ‘unwell’ ancestors. Stephanie has worked with many second generation migrants who carry the scars of their ancestors’ trauma, dislocation and migration to Australia. This work is informed by a career as a teacher to migrants and refugees. She has also explored her own lineage in many Life Alignment sessions. Stephanie’s business is called ‘Clear Hearts Transformation’ for obvious reasons: Clear your Heart, Free your Life, Live your Light. Your Ancestors are your allies in this quest.

Cost $45