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Holistic Weight Management Workshop

  • Apt 1301 on the 13th Floor 242 Flinders Street Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia (map)

Week 1: Wednesday 28 Nov 2018 — 6:30pm–9pm
Week 2: Wednesday 5 Dec 2018 — 6:30pm–9pm
Week 3: Wednesday 12 Dec 2018 — 6:30pm–9pm

Cost $135

Presenters: Noel Speck and Marianne Marks

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Marianne Marks

Marianne has extensive experience in a whole spectrum of healing arts including Feng Shui, Energy Healing and Quantum Consciousness. She studied in Hawaii with a Kahuna and this forms the basis for her work today. 

Noel Speck

Noel has been successfully running this program in Murray Bridge where hundreds of people have, not only lost weight, but kept it off by choosing to let go of habits, emotions and 'hand me down' family practices that no longer served them. 

Noel's program addresses these issues, dealing directly with the cause of the behavioural choices leading to obesity rather than focusing solely on dropping kilograms on the scales. Obesity is the symptom of something awry with your internal programming and Noel's approach addresses the primary causes. 

The core success of the weight loss program Noel has developed lies in identifying the 'real' reason the participants want to change their body. This may mean sorting out all the myths and misinformation which exist around the topic of ‘Weight Loss/management’. 

Noel uses techniques and processes sourced from Genome Healing, Neuro Semantics, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. 

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