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Ancestral Healing: Exploring hidden influences on our lives

  • Board Room 2, Freemasons' Hall 254 North Terrace Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia (map)
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Our ancestors’ life events and emotional experiences influence our own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual lives.

This has always been known by traditional societies and is now being recognised by science: the field of epigenetic tells us that inherited stress can influence gene expression.

Grandfather’s childhood malnutrition, or grandmother’s depression can manifest in current generations - but can be resolved!

Particularly at this time, it is as though the ancestors are sitting there just outside of our consciousness beckoning us to heal and resolve their trauma and also to incorporate the blessings they have for us.

In this short workshop we will explore the common experiences of ancestors over the last few generations and consider how they might be manifesting in our lives today. We will become aware of the enormous field of ancestors available to us.

We will experience a group ancestral healing.

Bring to the session what you know already about your ancestors -have some idea of the time and place and circumstances in which some of your ancestors lived (if you can).

Tuesday 27 November 2018


9:30am - 12:00pm




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Presented by Stephanie Jarrett

Stephanie is a practitioner of Life Alignment. Life Alignment’s therapeutic techniques access events in our ‘lives’ that are

currently ripe for healing. These events turn out very often to be not within our own life span but in the lives of our ancestors. The negative feelings that are coming up for us are often not our own but those of ‘unwell’ ancestors. Stephanie seems to have attracted this field of healing as if guided. In Adelaide, for example, she has worked with many second generation migrants who carry the scars of their ancestors’ trauma, dislocation and migration to Australia. Her work in this area is informed by her 40 years as a teacher of English to migrants and refugees. She has also delved quite deeply into her father’s lineage in many Life Alignment sessions informed partly by written records passed down through her family.

Stephanie’s business is called ‘Clear Hearts Transformation’ for obvious reasons: Clear your Heart, Free your Life, Live your Light. Your Ancestors are your allies in this quest.

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